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Call For Contributions

Along with a rich academic component, this Congress aims to co-create its programme and agenda with the vibrant civil society and political movement around social justice, ecological sustainability, basic income and beyond. This is a call for contributions to organise sessions at the 2024 Congress. We hope to make this a festival of radical ideas for the transformation we so desperately need.

The BIEN Congress 2024 is now inviting applications for contributions of all sorts - panels, roundtables, workshops, installations, performances, stalls and events. These could be academic, activist or art-based. 

This is not a call for papers, which will follow later this year.

To Propose a contribution please fill in the form here.

We are currently inviting scholars, activists, advocates, civil society organisations and a wide range of actors engaged or interested in basic income to propose panels, roundtables, stalls, performances and workshops amongst other activities, on topics around the conference theme and more broadly around UBI. A call for specific papers and specific presentations will follow later this year. This is an opportunity to host bigger discussions and activities in various formats to generate conversations on specific ideas around UBI and its transformative potential.

  • Panels are typically organised around a common theme or question that can invite papers and presentations, usually of a research form, to be submitted. Panels can be thought of as a way to bring together scholars and research around a specific sub-topic.

  • Roundtables can be held by teams of researchers or activists wishing to share their work or invite other speakers to host a conversation on a specific project, theme, trend, movement or region.

  • Workshops and events can be more pedagogically or politically engaged sessions that are held by a team or a consortium of teams for an intended audience. This type of session encourages conference attendees to be creative and engage broader audiences to talk about basic income and movements or actors that are linked to the conversations.

  • Stalls or installations can be more creative displays of alternative forms of displaying research or innovative practices

  • Art, music or more creative forms of expressions can be organised and performed to engage with audiences through those mediums. 


We will accept contributions beyond the themes and formats described above.

How to express interest?
To propose a contribution, please fill in the form here. The deadline for submissions is the 15th of January 2024. In case of any queries, write to
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