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Local Organising Committee

Until recently the topic of UBI was discussed rarely outside the academic field or within niche political circles. It's groups like ours that have brought then debate to the public fuelled by the COVID 19 pandemic, basic income has now broken out of the academic discussion and niche political circles.  

Our Local Organising Committee is made with one goal in mind researching and promoting the cause of UBI. Hosting the BIEN congress is a privilege which helps us complete both of our goals. Igniting debate around the topic and furthering its publicity.

We are lucky to have the contribution of everyone on the LOC and without them the Congress would not be possible.

Meet The LOC

Neil Howard.jpg

Dr Neil Howard

Harisa Raja.jpg

Harisa Raja

Chrisp J 30517-0003.jpg

Dr Joe Chrisp


Joseph Cooke

David Beck.jpg

Dr David Beck

Sarath Davala.webp

Dr Sarath Davala


Dr Liz Fouksman

Maria Franchi.jpg

Maria Franchi


Cleo Goodman


Vibhor Mathur


Nick Langridge

Joel Lazarus.jpeg

Dr Joel Lazarus


Laura Smyth

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