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For registration you will be given two options,


Organisational and Academic rate - Which is for those who can access funds to cover their participation,


Student and Solidaritry rate- For those who are students or those who's organisation/themselves cannot stretch to the  Organisational/Academic rate, This can be topped up with a donation.


If you are able to volunteer, to offer accommodation, offer transport to Congress attendees, or anything else, please do get in touch here  and let us know! Accomodation and Transport will help those who may not otherwise be able to attend due to financial constraints whilst also helping us lower our carbon footprint.

If you wish to donate monatarily please click here, Any additional income provided by donations will be used to fund bursaries for individuals otherwise unable to attend the Congress.


For purchase of a ticket for the optional Conference dinner, Accomodation on Campus as well as a walking tour of Bath please click here, all are subject to avaliability so book ASAP.

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