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Walking tour of Bath!

The town of Bath is a rare double-inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site. As such, no visit to Bath is complete without a chance to walk its streets and learn more about its remarkable ancient and modern history. We are, therefore, thrilled to offer Congress participants the opportunity to experience this in a unique and unforgettable way with an award-winning walking tour led by actors from the Show of Strength Theatre Company!


On this 90-minute tour you will be guided through Bath's cobbled streets to discover the history of Bath. You will also learn about the remarkable life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein and inventor of modern science-fiction. In our age of ecological catastrophe and the rise of AI, the resonance of Shelley's myth of the 'Modern Prometheus' sadly could not be greater.

The tour will begin at 6:30pm of the second day of the Congress, outside Bath's famous Sally Lunn's bun shop and will end at 8pm outside Hall and Woodhouse, the location of the Congress dinner.


Each tour is designed for 25 people. You can register for the walk either by choosing the Bath Walking Tour option on the Congress registration form or by registering for it here instead. Register soon to avoid disappointment.

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